After viewing the film Free CeCe (available on YouTube or Amazon), write a 1-2 page analytic reflection paper. Include specific details from the film to support your ideas.

Here are some guiding questions. Your paper need not be limited to these questions, but should address at least three.

Due on iLearn 2/28/19.

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1. How did CeCe’s race and gender affect what happened to her?

2. Why is it important to consider broader statistical patterns in understanding why CeCe responded as she did?

3. How did general patterns of violence against and disproportionate incarceration of trans women of color motivate an organized response by activists? (In other words, why are statistics about hate crimes against trans women important? Why is the story of Islan Nettles important to CeCe’s story?)

4. How were media & prosecutors’ portrayals of CeCe similar to or different from portrayals of Bresha Meadows or Cyntoia Brown?

5. Attorney Chase Strangio says, “The system doesn’t understand trans people as victims.” Use details from the film to explain this statement. How is what happened to CeCe similar to other stories we read about or discussed in class?

6. Consider how CeCe was charged, how she was questioned, and the evidence that was thrown out of court. What does CeCe’s case reveal a

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