This week to assist you in your course research project you will create an annotated bibliography. This assignment will serve as the basis for your individual assignments and group project assigned in the remaining course weeks.

An annotation is more than just a brief summary of an article, book, Web site or other types of publication. An annotation should give enough information to make a reader decide whether to read the complete work. In other words, if the reader were exploring the same topic as you, is this material useful and if so, why?

An annotated bibliography is an organized list of sources (like a reference list). It differs from a straightforward bibliography in that each reference is followed by a paragraph length annotation, usually 100–200 words in length.

  1. First, locate and record citations from at least 10 peer-reviewed (refereed or scholarly) journals or papers published within the past 2 years that may contain useful information and ideas relating to selecting a product or service to be marketed internationally.
  2. Briefly, examine and review the actual items.
  3. Select those works that provide a variety of perspectives on your topic.
  4. Cite the book, article, or document using APA style.
  5. Write a concise annotation that summarizes the central theme and scope of the book or article. Include one or more sentences that:
    1. evaluates the authority or background of the author
    2. comments on the intended audience
    3. compares or contrast this work with another you have cited
    4. explain how this work illuminates your topic (does it agree or disagree with your topic). This section should be at least one paragraph in length)
    5. comment on the intended audience
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