I was suppose to pick two of the ten prompts listed in the file i attatched below, if anyone can help my pick 2 better choices that will be easier to write about that will be fine, there is no bibliography or sources required. The two prompts i picked are

(1) How did the Industrial Revolution transform Europe and the world? What long term economic, social, technological, and political changes resulted?


(2) How did imperialism influence the attitudes of the Western nations toward other peoples? Using Rudyard Kipling’s poem “White Man’s Burden”, examine how the work of scientists and philosophers were used to create stereotypes and justifications that promoted colonial policies.

Just a strong outline and key points would be great a help. This is practice for my final exam so if anyone could do a sample essay that would be great as well. The essays should be 2.5 pages each. I’m willing to pay for assistance.

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