1. Watch the “Navigating the HRSA Data Warehouse (HDW)” tutorial found at the following link: http://datawarehouse.hrsa.gov/resources/tutorials.aspx/

2. Read the case study below. As you read, follow the path Erin takes on the website.

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Erin is a new public health nurse. She lives in Las Vegas, Clark County, Nevada. She wants to look for reliable data that will tell her what government-funded resources are available in her county. She read about the Health Resources and Services Administration and while she was on the website, she clicked the HRSA data warehouse link http://datawarehouse.hrsa.gov/. Next, she completed the following steps:

  • She clicked the “Looking For” tab and opened the “Looking for Local Information” link
  • She clicked the “HRSA in Your”link

She was particularly interested in knowing about HRSA’s activities in HHS regions, states, counties, and congressional districts compared to her state and county. She clicked on the link found in the Data Tools box labeledCustom Comparison Tools.

Erin clicked “Please add an area.” Next, from the dropdown, she decided to search by state. This prompted another dropdown in which she chose Nevada. Next, she clicked the  “Add Area” button to compare it with HRSA’s other state programs. She then decided to add another area. This time she did a county search, which prompted a state dropdown and then a county dropdown. In the county dropdown, she selected Clark. After she clicked “Add Area” again, she clicked the button at the bottom labeled “Compare.” The result was a fact sheet.

3. Data analysis

Analyze the data included in the fact sheet. Consider the data sets found in the fact sheet. How does Nevada compare nationwide when it comes to the data sets? What about Clark County? Now click the “Start Over” button at the top right of the page and complete a search for HRSA programs in your county. Compare the result of your query to Clark County, Nevada.

4. Complete a new search for your state and county.

Identify HRSA program resources for HIV/AIDS in your state and county. What are they? How many clinics are funded by HRSA?

5. Write a two-page paper reflecting on the data you collected and analyzed through the case study. How will this data warehouse be useful to you as a professional nurse?

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