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Option #1: Case Study: Hollinger International, Inc.

Please read the case study and answer the questions that follow. Case Study: Hollinger International—

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Conrad Moffat Black, the owner, was a colorful individual. He owned many publishing companies, including the Chicago Tribune. He had no problem in cutting corners to get what he wanted. Many of the board members of the firm were close associates of Mr. Black’s.

  1. How did upper management set into motion an unethical environment?
  2. What might be the ethical theory that could explain Mr. Black’s character and behavior? Why?
  3. Could a standard of duty operate within a Black-owned company?
  4. What ethical theory could the board of directors engage or apply in the oversight of Mr. Black?
  5. What might be your actions if you worked for a firm owned by Mr. Black? Based on what ethical theory, and why?


  • Your written paper should be 4-5 pages in length not counting the title and reference pages, which you must include.
  • Use terms, evidence, and concepts from class readings.
  • You need to cite at least three sources for this assignment, outside of the textbook. The CSU-Global Library is a great place to find resources.
  • Your paper must be formatted according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA.
  • If you need assistance with your writing style, start with the links under the Research Help and Writing Help tabs on the CSU-Global Library’s homepage.

Review the Module 6 Critical Thinking rubric for full details on how you will be graded on this assignment.


Option #1: Global

In certain countries, the tax rate applied to a company’s tax return reporting income depends upon whether the profits for the period are distributed or undistributed. Amounts are initially taxed at the higher rate, but a tax credit is received when the profits are distributed. Therefore, companies need to determine the rate (distributed vs. the undistributed tax rate).

Global Multinational Corporation (Global) is a U.S. company that owns and operates 100% of a consolidated subsidiary in a foreign jurisdiction where income taxes are payable at a higher rate on undistributed profits than on distributed earnings. For the year ending December 31, Year 1, Global’s foreign subsidiaries taxable income is $150,000. Global’s foreign subsidiary also has net taxable temporary differences amounting to $50,000 for the year, thus creating the need for a deferred tax liability on the balance sheet. The tax rate on distributed profits is 40%, and the tax rate on undistributed profits is 50%; the difference results in a credit if profits are distributed in the future. At the date of the balance sheet, no distributions have been proposed or declared. On March 31, Year 2, Global’s foreign consolidated subsidiary distributes dividends of $75,000.


  1. Obtain and review the accounting and related measurement guidance related to anticipated tax credits in IAS12, Income Taxes, and in Sections 25 and 30 of ASC740-10, Income Taxes-Overall. Document the relevant portions of the IFRS and US GAAP related to the accounting that Global must follow for the above series of transactions.
  2. Provide the required journal entries for both Year 1 and Year 2 under both the US GAAP and IFRS for each respective date where you are provided information in the above scenario. In your explanation for each journal entry, make sure you document the basis for each journal entry amount. In other words, how did you obtain the figures? In addition, provide a detailed explanation for each respective journal entry with the appropriate Reference(s) to IAS12 and ASC 740-10, respectively.
  • Your Word document submission should be 3 pages in length (not including the required cover and references pages). Submissions in excess of 4 pages are permissible.
  • Format your submission according to the APA
  • Be sure to discuss and reference concepts taken from the required and recommended readings and your own relevant research. You must include a minimum of three credible, academic, or professional references beyond the text or other course materials. recognizes that students often encounter challenging assignments that may be beyond their current skill level or require more time than they can spare due to their busy schedules. The platform steps in to provide valuable academic support by offering assistance with a wide range of assignments. Whether it’s a complex research paper, a challenging math problem set, or a literary analysis, ensures that students receive the guidance they need to excel. Every student is unique, and so are their academic needs. recognizes this and offers customized solutions. Students can communicate directly with their assigned writers, providing specific instructions and guidelines. This personal touch ensures that each assignment reflects the student’s individual style and preferences. Meeting deadlines is a critical aspect of academic success. understands this and prioritizes punctuality. The platform is known for its ability to deliver assignments promptly, even when facing tight schedules. This reliability allows students to submit their work on time, relieving them of the stress associated with late submissions.

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