REPLY1Within health care specialties exist and function as vital components in diagnosis and treatment. Interprofessional collaboration is defined as “two or more people working together toward a common goal; in a health care setting, this work is meant to provide safe, quality care to patients in a nonthreatening environment” (Whitney, 2020). Interprofessional collaboration is set in place to help reduce errors and provide higher quality care. “Qualitatively, collaborative teams are reported to demonstrate improved sharing of evidence-based practices between professions, improved decision-making, and increased innovation. Quantitatively, collaborative teamwork may lead to reduced length of hospital stay, improved compliance with standards of drug prescription, improved quality audit results, and improved symptom and psychosocial management” (Morley & Cashell, 2017).Interprofessional collaboration serves to disperse the burden of diagnosis and treatment throughout the team and fosters a sharing of ideas and evidence-based practices. This collaborative effort also serves as a type of checks ad balances among members of the team, requiring proposed ideas to be accepted by the team as a whole rather than leaving it up to individual choice. Because of this fact, interprofessional collaboration naturally results in higher quality care being provided and sparks potentially better suited ideas of care among team members. An emerging trend in health care is that of Telehealth services. In the current age of the COVID virus healthcare providers are seeking alternatives to treating patients and providing healthcare-related services, and Telehealth services provide this alternative. This will change the way collaboration will be handled and will require healthcare providers offering telehealth services to seek alternative ways themselves to collaborate with other providers.ReferencesMorley, L., Cashell, A. (2017). Collaboration in Health Care. Retrieved from, S. (2020). Every Nurse is a Leader. Retrieved from collaboration is when there are two or more professional individuals that are working collaboratively to reach a common goal according to Green and Johnson (2015). Working together allows for the team to achieve goals more positively than if working alone. When interprofessional collaboration occurs in a health care setting it allows for better health care outcomes, improved efficiency, improved skills, and more patient centered according to Green and Johnsons (2015). This helps in the reduction of errors as there is more than one individual, there is role clarity, trust and confidence, availability to overcome adversity, overcome professional differences and take pressure of an individual according to Bosch and Mansell (2015).One emergent trend that I see is the current pandemic. There needs to be continued interprofessional collaboration with not only health care providers but government agencies and public health care. Not only does this need to occur locally but needs to be expanding nationally. It seems like the COIVD 19 will be with us like the flu and health care professionals need to work collaboratively to continue to decrease patient deaths and ICU admissions.References:Bosch, B., & Mansell, H. (2015). Interprofessional collaboration in health care: Lessons to be learned from competitive sports. Canadian pharmacists journal : CPJ = Revue des pharmaciens du Canada : RPC, 148(4), 176–179., B. N., & Johnson, C. D. (2015). Interprofessional collaboration in research, education, and clinical practice: working together for a better future. The Journal of chiropractic education, 29(1), 1–10.

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