Extinction takes place more quickly after continuous reinforcement than after partial reinforcement. TrueFalse5 pointsQUESTION 2When I drive, I make sure to focus more on the road than to my phone, radio, or anything else. In this example, the road is the stimulus with the highest level of _________.InterestFocusSalienceImpact5 pointsQUESTION 3Pavlov’s dogs salivated in response to the ringing of a certain bell. If they also salivate at the sound of a different bell, they are showing:Stimulus discriminationConditioning discriminationConditioning generalizationStimulus generalization5 pointsQUESTION 4If I offered Bill Gates $1000 to mow my lawn, he probably would not do it. In this case, he would not respond to the reinforcer because, to him, it would have low _______.FrequencyMagnitudeValueDuration5 pointsQUESTION 5What is the term for the research method in which the participant’s instrumental behavior can terminate an aversive stimuli that is being delivered?Avoidance trialEscape trialShuttle avoidanceControl trial5 pointsQUESTION 6Students in the classroom behave very differently from students on Spring Break due to the different environmental stimuli. This is an example of:Behavioral varianceStimuli varianceDifferential respondingDifferential stimuli5 pointsQUESTION 7What is the term for the change in response when a conditioned response does result in the anticipated reinforcement?Satiation theoryFrustration theoryExpectation theoryConditioning theory5 pointsQUESTION 8Behavioral momentum typically increases the rate of reinforcement. TrueFalse5 pointsQUESTION 9A talented musician might be able to easily distinguish and differentiate between notes simply by listening to them. This keen ability to differentiate between notes can be described as ______.FamiliarityKeen observationSkilled differentiationExpert performance5 pointsQUESTION 10What is the theory of extinction that is based on an individual’s ability to remember instances of reward and nonreward?Sequential theoryFrustration theoryMemory theoryContrast theory5 pointsQUESTION 11An avoidable aversive stimulus creates less fear than an unavoidable aversive stimulus. TrueFalse5 pointsQUESTION 12Every single time a student answers a question correct in class, they receive bonus points. In this example, the schedule of reinforcement is:Intermittant Continuous ContingentExtinct5 pointsQUESTION 13In most environments, there subtle and overt indications of how we should behave, such as in movie theatres, airplanes, or funerals. These are referred to as:Contextual cuesInteroceptive cuesStimulus cuesBehavioral cues5 pointsQUESTION 14When you see a yellow taxi and need a ride, you are conditioned to wave it down. However, you only wave them down when their light is on because you know they are available. In this example, the taxi’s light is a(n):Sign stimuliModulatorModeratorIndicator5 pointsQUESTION 15One of the less predictable aspects of learning and conditioning are _________, which are internal, subjective feelings about the stimuli or reinforcer.Interoceptive cuesAffective cuesStimulus cuesReinforcer cues5 pointsQUESTION 16What is the term for less persistence of instrumental behavior in extinction following training with a larger reinforcer than following training with a small or moderate reinforcer?Overtraining extinction effectPartial-reinforcement extinction effectOvertraining extinction effectContrast extinction theory5 pointsQUESTION 17What is the term for a the loss of a learned response that occurs because information about the training is irrevocably lost due to the passage of time?ExtinctionForgettingFrustrationConditioning5 pointsQUESTION 18A child squirming in the cart at the grocery store will only stop squirming briefly when presented with a toy to play with before it begins squirming again. This is an example of:ExtinctionReinstatementFrustrationResurgence5 pointsQUESTION 19A student who took a statistics class with me might forget everything they learned in class but suddenly remember much of it when we see each other years later. This would be an example of the:Renewal effectFamiliarity effectContingency effectTemporal effect5 pointsQUESTION 20Extinction and unlearning are the same. TrueFalse

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