Write a 2 to 3 paged paper in 12 font and double space between paragraphs. Research information about what sustainability means from the environmental and sociological perspectives. Use at least 2 other academic on line sources from a university or the EPA or any environmental source besides our Sociology: the Core and the National Geographic Sustainability text books. You may also mention any of the course videos related to environmental sustainability. Each of the sections below should be one paragraph. Provide a reference section of all the sources you have used including our text book. Be sure to cite source information within your report, also. Copy-paste this report into the text box. Complete this paper ASAP and no later than 11:59 PM Sunday, 5/12. 150 Points possible.

1.) Define sustainability from the EPA and our sociology text and explain what they mean to you. Refer to page 416 within our Sociology: The Core text and the Schedule at a Glance area for the definition of environmental sustainability. 30 points possible

2.) Consider all of the topics within our Sustainability text and describe a few that are good examples for sustainability. Then discuss whether you believe environmental sustainability is possible for our society and the world. What would need to happen in order to have environmental sustainability? Do you think it is possible? Why or why not. 50 points possible.

3.) Explain what sustainability means to sociologists. How would they see sustainability from the sociological theoretical approaches? (Functional,conflict and symbolic interaction perspectives). You mightrefer to pages 414 to 418 for a refresher on the theoretical approaches relating to the environment. 70 points possible.

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