Ethics should always apply in all forms of public setting negotiations. This helps in ensuring that the negotiator can dig information deeply on the moral standards as well as values and principle virtues of the community where the conflicting parties come from. Ethics should be observed in order to achieve honest and unbiased results from the negotiation process. Negotiators should avoid ambiguous situations that are likely to alter their focus of what is right and wrong (Lewicki, Saunders and Barry, 2015). When encountered with whatever situation individuals should determine what is right in their own conscience to determine the appropriate strategies to follow. They should also consider using ethical reasoning that encompasses social contract ethics, duty ethics, personalistic ethics as well as end-result ethics.

The issue of ethical standards is witnessed in every form of negotiation. Therefore as a wise negotiator, it is good to consider the relevance of every situation particularly in the planning stage so that one will be in a position to address the ethical dimension for every party. Failure to observe ethical standards particularly that considered important by the general public might end up affecting the outcomes of negotiation negatively. Informed decisions must be made as every ethical choice made have to be scrutinized. For example, the Immigration debate has to consider ethical standards to avoid affecting the victims. The debate has to be conducted in an ethical way so that a fair and reasonable solution can be obtained. The policymakers who are the negotiators, in this case, have to sensitive on how they handle immigration issue and weigh out all the security, humanitarian and economic concerns. The Congress has to reach an informed decision or agreement in sobriety without an attempt to prove political muscles.

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Ethics in negotiation are paramount and should be enhanced to ensure that negotiations in public settings. Ethical issues are usually a matter of concern in every negotiation hence it is as a negotiator you need to e clear and outlines your genuine intentions from the start. Negotiators should take a genuine position in the negotiation process to avoid raising the alarm or appearing as if they were aligned to one side. A normative and prescriptive position should be taken when signing treaties or reaching a public or business agreement. For example ethics of honesty and open-mindedness have to be applied by the negotiators of directives needed for Brexit from the European Union. Brexit appears to be a skeptical issue that requires the EU negotiators to disclose all the relevant information as well as avoid lies, deception, and puffery. They should apply distributive justice to ensure that every party involved enjoys its rights based on the virtue of fairness regardless of the outcome of their decisions. The Brexit transition decision has to be determined appropriately in the negotiation process to ensure that it does not harm the future relationship between the EU bloc and the UK.

Negotiators should know the social standards of what is right and wrong whenever they are dealing different situation. They should not only concentrate on personal beliefs what is right and wrong, but they should go a step further to know the moral values and principles that guide the parties they are dealing with (Lewicki, Saunders and Barry, 2015). They should distinguish every criterion they are dealing with and should not focus too much on philosophical perspectives. The negotiator should make appropriate judgment otherwise may be faced with an ethical dilemma. Negotiators should apply ethical reasoning in order to come up with a convincing moral solution.

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