These telehealth serviceswill include both emergencyand non-emergency services:EMERGENCY Services?Neurology and StrokeNON-Emergency Services?CardiologyNow that you have some background information, it is time for youto develop a marketing plan to make this new service a success for Blue Sky Regional Medical Center.Points to remember and add to your written assignment1.Formulate overall strategic goals and objectives. What does a successfultelehealth program look like?2.Establish Marketing Objectives3.Formulate and give an overview of your Marketing Strategy?Determine your target market. Who is your target audience??Perform a SWOT analysis for each target audience?Develop your ?message? -How will I attract my audience? How are wedifferent?4.Develop an Action Plan?Take the ?message? and identify resources, staff [Who should be involved indeveloping the marketing plan?], and finances.?Summarize key marketing activities?Be detailed and give specific activities ? i.e. brochures, newsletters, socialmedia, community events, campaigns/promotions, etc.5.Evaluate the Plan?Formulate measurable marketing activities?How will you measure the program?s success??How will you measure the success of your marketing activities? How will know ifyour marketing plan was a success?

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