750 words essay. Kindly make sure you follow instructions carefully and ensure top not work. I need some one good in English and who is able to analyze the case.

No plagiarism and grammar errors please.

ensure top not work

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Your brother wants to sell his home in Montreal.He is sure what it is worth, and he wants to sell his home at $300,00.00. You look at the home and based on your comparative market analysis it is worth only $275,000.00. You realize it would be perfect for one of your existing client. You decide to sign an exclusive brokerage contract for sale with your brother. He informs you that he had a minor water infiltration in the basement and do not wish to declare it fearing that it would scare clients away. He also tells you that in the event you have multiple clients, he wants you to push your own direct clients for the sale rather than other brokers representing potential buyers for his property. He would rather pay you the commission than rather having to split it with another agency. What do you do?Write a 750-word essay offering your solution to the above dilemma. Include ethical considerations covered in class. You may quote from the CREA code of ethics as footnotes. Note that these excerpts are excluded from your total word count.Assignment requirements:-Cover page including date, course number, semester identification, title of assignment, student name and student number. – must comply with APA Style which includes 1- an Introduction, 2- Development , 3- and Conclusion. For more information about APA style, refer to: http://library.concordia.ca/help/citing/apa.php-Typed-Single spaced-Font size 11-Font: Times Roman -MUST INCLUDE your word count at the bottom left of your assignment.- Assignment must be handed-in to the professor a hardcopy and a soft copy uploaded to the Dropbox in omnivox.

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