This article will discuss the requirements needed for an individual to become a nurse in the US. We will also cover the licenses and education level for one to a registered or licensed nursing worker. Nursing training differs greatly depending on the work environment and type of care.

Individuals who are interested in joining the nursing area may be licensed practical nurses (LPNs), registered nurses (RNs), or also referred to as licensed vocational nurses (LVNs). Educational considerations vary by nurse type. Suiting an LPN/LVN needs the least education, one-year education program; on the other side, those interested in advanced nursing must have master’s degree studies.

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LVN/LPN Programs

The beginner training level for Licensed Vocational Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses can take 1 year of study at technical training institutions, community colleges, or vocational centers. These programs include both hands-on clinical practice in a hospital and lecture-type classes. Typical programs here include; first aid, anatomy, physiology, and also nutrition.

Nursing Associate’s Degree

To be a Registered Nurse, graduates should have an Associate’s nursing degree. This program enables the individual to have a licensure examination for one to be a registered nurse. The main courses are; human anatomy, physiology, human nutrition, medicine practices, and adult health care.

Nursing Bachelor’s Degree

This is a Nursing degree program that helps nursing students to gain knowledge on care provision and obtain work experience from the medical field. Here, the main courses include; nursing theory, infant care and chemistry, healthcare, and human development.

Nursing Master’s Degree

Advanced Practice Nurse is another type of registered nurse. One must complete a Master’s Degree in Nursing program.

Advanced Nurses practice involves clinical specialist nurses, nurse-midwives, nurse anesthetists, and nurse practitioners.  There is a variation in graduate nursing degree program courses since they are usually prominent in the concentration area.

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