Students will explore a cultural sport production (sport/game/human movement) of a nation linked to the students’ personal ethnicities and histories. Students will develop: 1) overview of national history, 2) overview the rules of the sport/game and its historical importance, 3) overview of the cultural importance of the sport, 4) overview expressions of cultural values in sport/game/human movement, 5) explore how this cultural product has influenced their personal/familial sport experiences and sport identities, and 6) its relation to and impact on US sport/games/human movement

  1. Introduction (1/2-1 pg)
  • Optional – cite an interesting quote
  • Intro sentences to topic and paper
  • Statement of purpose (what you will write about and discuss do in the paper)
  • Goals of paper
  • Definition of terms if applicable (Stress, racism, sexism, ageism, etc…whichever terms you will be using in your paper and fit into the experiences you are discussing in the paper
  • Layout structure and organization of paper information

2. Overview the Nation (1/2 – 1 pg)

  • Brief history, overview of larger cultural values and sport history

3. Overview the Sport (1/2 – 1 pg)

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  • Rules, history, organizations

4. Expressions of Cultural Values (1 page)

  • Describe and analyze the sport (this could be a specific situation, or many situations related to identities: race, sexual orientation, ageism, disability, ethnicity, occupational, religion, and/or class)
  • Sociocultural influences
  • Relate to journal articles, which discuss/relate/contradict in some fashion, the general nature the sport experience(s)

5. Relationship to Personal Cultural Background (1 pg)

  • Describe the situation(s) or experience(s) – yet focus on larger issues and context – less play-by-play
  • Explore values expressed in that sport and your family, person, and sporting choices
  • How the values of that sport have affected you
  • Compare and contrast your experiences and understandings of sport with research, class text, larger popular cultural occurrences

6. Summary/Conclusion (1 pg)

  • Summarize the main content of paper
  • Wrap up main themes of paper
  • Suggest possible intervention(s) and/or social actions
  • re-Reference any journal materials
  • Final thoughts and looking forward
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