Hello, please I need help in writing my philosophy essay of about 400 to 500 words on ONE of the following questions:

1. For this assignment CHOOSE ONE of the following cases to read.

A. “Case 4: Factory Farming and Animal Suffering” from Burnor & Raley Ch. 6, pp. 130-131

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B. “Case 3: Universal Healthcare” from Burnor & Raley Ch. 7, pp. 148 – 149

A. “Walking down the meat isle of the grocery store, you are thinking of buying some chicken to grill for dinner. You can buy the store brand on sale for $0.89 a pound, or you can busy some humanely raised chicken for $3.49 a pound. Do you have an act utilitarian moral obligation to buy the free-range poultry [or perhaps a meat substitute] rather than the store brand? How much does this depend on your particular situation?” (Burnor & Raley, p. 131).


B. From a Utilitarian perspective do you think it is morally right for the United States to establish truly universal healthcare?

Your response should include:

A. A brief summary of the main problem and relevant background facts and a clear statement of your position on the case. (see item number 1 in Guidelines for a Case Study Analysis in Burnor & Raley, pp. xxiii)

B. An argument in support of your position on the case, which includes a moral principle. (see items 3 & 4 in Guidelines for a Case Study Analysis in Burnor & Raley, pp. xxiii-xxiv)

C. Describe and respond to at least one possible objection to your position. (see item 5 in Guidelines for a Case Study Analysis in Burnor & Raley, pp. xxiv)

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