For this assignment you need to read the research article that is above this assignment box. After reading the article answer the following questions. You can number your answers and do not need to have a cover sheet, an introduction or a conclusion-just answer the questions. If you use material from the article (which you should!) put a page number from the article after you answer. For example (22) is enough for the page number. This project is in place of an exam so be thorough. All of the answers, like everything else in this class, must be your own work. Do NOT copy from the article-put all of the answers in your own words.


  1. What question being studied in this article?
  2. What are the hypotheses?
  3. What are the independent variable(s)?
  4. What are the dependent variable(s)?
  5. How were the variables operationalized?
  6. Did the article find a correlation between the variables? If so, what was it?
  7. Is this a quantitative or qualitative study?
  8. Was this a case study, survey, experiment or quasi-experiment?
  9. What were the conclusions of the study?
  10. Were there any limitations in the study?
  11. Were there any ethical concerns in the study?
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