[1.1] The Use of Research in the Social Sciences Discussion

  1. Identify and evaluate at least two functions of social research.
  2. Describe and analyze at least two challenges involved in the implementation of social research.
  3. What are some ways that individuals working in your field of study might be involved in social research?

Must be a total of at least 500 words and citations. one of the reading materials is Babbie, E. R. (2016). The practice of social research (14th ed.). Belmont: Cengage Learning. I could not attach it but can be googled.

[1.3] Wednesday’s Child Video Reflection

After viewing the video, Wednesday’s Child: Poverty and Inequality, create a video response in which you consider, summarize, and discuss at least one potential research topic in the area of Military Psychology in which you have an interest. Does not need to be a video only a transcript I can read about 3 minutes long. [Video File]. Retrieved from

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