Week 3 Case Study Essay

A major problem that makes the development of successful programs very difficult to help welfare recipients, AIDS patients, and the homeless is the diversity of values and points of view regarding the most effective ways of dealing with these groups. This factor leads to the problem of funding programs for these and other needy populations. Take a look at the scenario below – Which answer would you choose?

A human services agency is trying to come up with a practice to prevent the spread of AIDS among youth. The agency is struggling to come to a conclusion and decide on a specific practice. According to you, what is the best way to deal with the AIDS epidemic?

1. Isolating victims from the uninfected population.

2. Banning infected individuals from engaging in sexual activities.

3. Distributing contraceptives in high schools and colleges as a form of prevention.

Write a 3-4 page paper in which you:

  • Think about the impact of policies and programs on diverse populations.
  • What are the agency responsibilities and issues that may arise as a result of your choice?
  • What is the role of analysis in meeting the needs of this diverse population? What factors did you consider in making a choice?
  • What alternative solution would you suggest for prevention of the epidemic?
  • How might new approaches for addressing the needs of this population impact service delivery from various point of views (provider, agency, recipient)?
  • What role do the three levels of prevention play in developing a new approach?
  • What factors must be taken into consideration when developing prevention practices, techniques, and programs within an ecological systems context?

This essay must follow all APA style formatting requirements. For further guidelines on your paper, refer to the Essay Rubric


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