Essay #2 Outline and Graded Elements

Essay #2 Operating in the Market Structure: 100 points

Purpose: In this essay you will do an analysis of the firm’s behavior in its market structure including its resource market.

firm is AMAZON company

Essay Template Sections I-V

  1. Introduction: include overview of firm and thesis statement (underline thesis statement)
  1. Background of the firm- include any benefits/challenges you uncovered in the last essay.
  2. Lead up to what you are going to talk about in the paper.
  1. In which Market Structure does the firm compete?
  1. CH 9, 10 or 11: choose only the chapter referring to your firm.
  2. determine market structure using HHI
    1. Use 2 defining characteristics of this market and explain how it applies to the firm( if you didn’t use HHI use examples of all four market characteristics as well as the defining characteristic of the market)
    2. How does the firm use its market power?
  1. Labor Markets CH 12-13,15
  1. Connect four terms from chapters 12,13,15
  1. Include application of in class videos (Happiness, Choice and Spaghetti sauce and/or Is Profit the point, Fair Trade).
  1. Complete analysis by using any terms from any additional terms from chapters 1 thru 8 in a normative discussion of how the videos may or may not impact your firm in the future.
  1. Works Cited
  2. Terms List

Graded Elements: check to be sure you have included all required elements.

  • 5 statistics: 10 points
  • 4 graphs: 16 points
  • 15 economic terms: bold font and underlined, 30 points

• Minimum 2 terms per chapter for chapters 12, 13

• Minimum 4 terms from your market structure chapter 9, 10 or 11

• Additional 7 terms from chapters 4-8

• Terms must be used in the correct context and add a meaning

• not be used: examples: money, firm, product, good or service, business, corporation, LLC, or similar terms – too general to be consider specifically economic terms

  • APA format: 3 points
  • Market Structure paragraph: 10 points
  • Labor Economics 10 points
  • Video Application 8 points
  • Works Cited 6 points
  • Terms List, by chapter 7 points
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