I have attached a document that explains the Course Proposal for an Online course. The rest of the information for this assignment is below.


Engaging the student at the start of the course is crucial for student success. “I think it is in both your and your students’ interest to design a first discussion topic…by providing a meaningful challenge from the start, you are giving students an opportunity for engagement” (Bender, 2012, p. 81). In this Unit 4 Assignment, you will have the opportunity to develop an introduction or “ice breaker” activity for your course.


Bender (2012) offered strategies to engage the online learner at the start of the course with an introduction activity. Select an activity from pages 82–87 of Bender (2012). Next, in 300–500 words, describe why you chose the activity and discuss how it will enhance the development of your learning community.

Utilize the course texts and/or additional relevant sources to support your comments. Please use APA style (6th edition) to format any citations or references. The Writing Center provides many writing resources for your use.

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