Read the attached article regarding the U.S. sugar market–>> sugar quota.pdf Conduct a market analysis for the U.S. refined sugar market for the 2013 year. Please treat this import as a quota.

Be careful to use information for the 2013 YEAR—not specific months. Only analyze refined sugar, not raw sugar.

Your instructor has highlighted a few sections of the article that should not go unnoticed.

1. For the refined sugar market:

Graph U.S. Demand.

Graph U.S. Supply.

Show world price and U.S. price on graph (show dollar values).

Show quantity supplied by U.S. firms and U.S. sugar consumption on graph (show values).

Figure how many pounds of sugar are imported. This will be a value. Show it on the graph.

Shade the area(s) of dead-weight loss on the graph (no value needed).

Mark the area which is the revenue for foreign sugar producers—figure the dollar value and note it on the graph.

2. According to the article, consumers of refined sugar are not the only ones negatively affected by the sugar quota. What other markets are affected?

3. Given a budget of $15,

Determine the number of ice cream cones and candies purchased using the attached spreadsheet. Assume ice cream cones are $3 and candies are $2. Utility Econ Project.xlsx

Determine the number of ice cream cones and candies purchased using the attached spreadsheet if ice cream cones if the price of candies decreases to $1.5.

Using the information you have so far, develop a demand curve of candy.

Explain the rule for maximizing total utility.

Answer questions 1-3 in one document, and upload to this link.

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