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Below is the information for the assignment. Please make sure you following the attached scoring guide and read the below directions.

you will copy the reference on your annotated entries, however, if I find that you have copied any part of the article in your paper, you will get an automatic F! Your job is to read all those articles and summarize and evaluate each one in your own words.

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Before doing any writing, go to the Scoring Guide for the Unit 4 Assignment. Look in the “Distinguished” box for each criterion. There will be two things you have to provide in order to get 100% on that criterion. Pay careful attention to the verbs. There is a huge difference between “discuss” a topic and “evaluate” a topic. Make a list of each of the items for the whole Scoring Guide. For example, in the first criterion for this assignment the Distinguished box says “Evaluates the relevance of literature regarding anatomy and physiology to a defined human sexuality issue and to current professional practices.” This means that some of your annotated articles have to have anatomy and physiology as relates to your topic and as relates to current professional practices. You will have to make evaluative statements on both those items in the annotated entry itself. If you only discuss anatomy and physiology (BASIC), you’ll receive some but not all the points for that criterion. Do the same for each criterion. If you don’t respond to a criterion, such as having no information on anatomy and physiology as relates to your topic, you will receive no points for that criterion. Since each criterion is worth 25 points, that means your score wouldn’t be higher than 75 points.

Please include a cover page with a title that tells me what your topic is. Please also include a reference page at the end. These do not count toward total page count

Annotated Bibliography

In this assignment, you will create an annotated bibliography of the resources you plan to use for your Human Sexuality Project. This assignment is meant to provide you with a start on the research for the project assignments that are due in Units 9 and 10. As your work progresses, you may incorporate additional resources.

For this assignment, select 10 peer-reviewed journal articles related to the issue you identified in Unit 2. All sources should be available in the Capella library or online scholarly journals. The resources you identify should address the following elements:

  • The role that anatomy and physiology of human sexuality may play regarding this issue.
  • The potential impact of this issue on persons with disabilities. (This would include myths the general public holds regarding the sexuality of persons with disabilities and the cultural implications of disabilities.)
  • How victimization, consumerism, ethics, morality, cultural mores, and laws impact this issue.

For each of the 10 sources, craft a short (2–3 paragraph) summary, or annotation. Here are some general guidelines for approaching an annotated bibliography:

  • List the complete APA citation.
  • Explain the main purpose of the work.
  • Briefly describe the content.
  • Indicate why this is a good source to use for your paper.
  • Evaluate the relevance of the information.
  • Note any special features.
  • Warn readers of any defect, weakness, or bias.

While items 1–4 are required elements, the others are offered as a foundation for your approach to the assignment rather than as a list of required topics. You can visit the Capella Writing Center to learn more about crafting an annotated bibliography.

Assignment Requirements

  • References: Use a minimum of 10 scholarly sources (peer-reviewed journal articles available from the Capella library databases or from online scholarly journals). Use recent literature from within the last six years, unless you have good reasons for using older literature and you state those reasons. Note: Textbooks (including your course textbook) cannot be used as primary sources and cannot be counted as part of the reference requirement. Textbooks may instead be listed in the references section as auxiliary sources, in addition to the 10 required references.
  • Format: Use current APA style and formatting guidelines to cite your sources.
  • Length of paper: A maximum of five pages, double-spaced, in Microsoft Word. (The annotation for each resource should be 2–3 paragraphs.)
  • Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.
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