Using the course material attached to support the ideas presented, answer the following requirements:

  • Compare and contrast one classical approach and one contemporary approach to management providing examples of how each is depicted in the workplace;
  • Using the two approaches discussed, discuss how the role of the manager in an organization has changed between the classical approach and contemporary approach;
  • Discuss factors that have influenced the business landscape in the past five years that have led to changes in organizational management theory;
  • Explain why organizational theory is an important tool for the manager in the 21st-century business organization;
  • Give examples;
  • Identify several skills that promote managerial success;
  • Identify whether you report to a person who is in a managerial position, and whether this person utilizes the skills you identified as promoting managerial success;
  • Explain how these skills can help you as a manager have a successful career; use your current job position or aspirations to discuss this element;
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