Case 1

Felicity’s Fine Formalwear Certain occasions require special clothing. Felicity’s Fine Formalwear provides tuxedos and other dress-up essentials for men along with wedding and prom dresses for women. The store, which is located in a major metropolitan area, has been in business for nearly a decade. Formal attire experiences several key seasons. First, the late spring is when teenagers rent prom dresses and tuxedos. Early summer, especially June, is the time when rentals for weddings reach their peak. A third season takes place in the months of December and January, when many social occasions surrounding Christmas and other winter festivals take place. Often the customers for these events are older than high school or college age. Recently, Felicity noticed a drop in tux rentals and prom dress purchases. A new competitor in town might explain the loss of some of this business. In the past Felicity used one major tactic to entice high schoolers to her store: She would offer a free tux rental to a few males in each high school if they would, in exchange, wear a different tux to class every day for one week, usually about four weeks before the dance. She would do the same for females and prom dresses. This in-person approach worked well for many years but seemed to be losing its punch. After a great deal of thought, Felicity decided it was time to engage in two new tactics. First, she developed a relationship with the primary limousine service in the city. Many high school prom-goers would rent a car for that night. Offering a tiein between the automobile and prom attire seemed like a logical and enticing approach for both rental companies. Second, it was time to engage in advertising directed at the high school crowd and their parents. Some ads would appear on television, especially evening news programs that Mom and Dad would be more likely to watch; others would be streamed online to reach the students themselves. The primary goal of these ad campaigns was to reach prom attendees and their parents. The secondary goal was to entice those who would attend other events, including weddings and formal Christmas galas to recall Felicity’s Fine Formalwear when the time was right. Felicity also hoped to build long-term loyalty and return business.

6-44. If Felicity’s Fine Formalwear used television advertising, what message strategy, appeal, and execution would you recommend? Why? Briefly describe the television ad you envision.

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6-45. Would the television ad designed for parents on the nightly news be different than one designed to stream online for students? Why or why not?

6-46. Suppose Felicity decided to create a flyer to be placed on cars at the local high school. Decide which message strategy, appeal, and execution you would use. Explain why you chose this particular combination. Now design the flyer for Felicity. You can make up contact information such as phone number, address, and website URL.

6-47. What type of spokesperson should be used in ads for Felicity’s Fine Formalwear? Would the person change for each of the three target markets (prom-goers, wedding participants, winter gala attendees)? Defend your answer.

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