answer each question separately ((make sure to use tools and concepts from the text attached))

please write the question then answer it

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1- Crawford Chapter 14, page 317 (Ch 14 Provo Craft)

Answer Question 1

2- chapter 17 Q2

How can they make prospects aware of the new service?

What is the purpose of the trial package?

(Think about the concepts in the chapter and about ATAR)

3- Ch 16- Iridium Q1

Crawford Chapter 16

Q1 What could Iridium management have done strategically in the critical 1998-1999 opportunity window?

Use tools in text where possible.

4- Chapter 14, Application question #1

Why might the manufacturing and sales people object to the new product? (Evaluation?)

What does this say about the new product process that the chairman had to push a project through the organization?

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