The MP3 file format was developed in 1992 and has had a wide-ranging impact on the music industry. Based on what you read about MP3s and music sampling in this unit and on your own experience, answer the following questions:

  1. Where do you get the majority of your music? Where do your friends get their music?
  2. Do you know people who have downloaded “free music”? Do they see this as wrong? If not, how do they rationalize it?
  3. Finally, some are claiming that MP3 is dead. Is it? Why or why not? And what is your take on all the issues that this file format has created (how people use digital music, impact on record labels, copyright concerns, etc.) mean for the future of the recording industry? What, in your opinion, is next?

Please complete the answers on time. Then responses to the posts of at least two classmates(I will update this when it is available).

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