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You must write a high standard and use two peer references to support your claims, you must write from an anthropological view and NOT using ANY first, second, and third person pronouns. Work not written to a high standard will be rejected, thank you. Please write in APA formatting and. Please note there are 5 parts to this task.

Question 1 (1-page 1 reference APA formatted)

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Explain the relationship between kuru and cannibalism among the Fore.

Define what Kuru is.

How is the kuru story a good example of anthropology’s holistic approach? Be specific.

Please review the following ink and include the perspective in to the writing;……

Question 2 (1-page, 1 reference and APA formatted)

Search the internet and find and share a piece of news about an ethnocentric event.

Define what ethnocentrism is.

How is this an example of ethnocentrism?

What people were affected?

How could ethnocentrism have been minimized in this case?

Question 3 (1-page, 1 reference and APA formatted)

  • Create and share a 3-5 image collage illustrating: How may anthropology be applied to address some problems of the modern world.
  • Analyze and Reflect on the image collage you shared with classmates. Explain how the images illustrate ways in which anthropology can be applied to address problems in the modern world.

Assignment 2 (6 pages 3 references, APA formatted)

Please the attached and incorporate the concepts in to the assignment.

Please watch the following link and cover the points detailed on how to write an ethnography.…

The goal of this exercise is to observe a ‘cultural scene’ as an anthropologist would (i.e. based on everything you have learned in the course to-date). The student will analyze their observations in terms of themes from the subfield of cultural anthropology such as how it helps frame our societies (family, lifestyle, lineage, language and communication) and, in some ways, its evolution.

The development and maintenance of culture is what sets humans apart from other species. Culture varies by time and location.

For this assignment, students will be observing a particular setting for 25 minutes, writing up your observations, and then analyzing them.

Directions for 6 page Assignment:

  • Choose a time and location for where/when you are going to conduct your observations of an ethnographic scene (mall, public transportation, coffee shop, etc.).
  • Go to the specified location and proceed with your observations. Find a place to sit quietly and to simply watch what is going on. Do not talk to or interview people during this time.
  • When your 25 minutes are finished, leave the scene. In a quiet place, fill out your notes. At this time, you should start to think about concepts that you’ve learned in class that fit with your observations. This step is critical.
  • Write a detailed 6 page reaction paper about your observations

Your paper should cover each of the following points

  1. Include details about the scene itself (time of day, lighting, furniture, plants, sounds, temperature, smell, vibe/energy, etc), details about the people around you (their characteristics, their behavior).
  • Define and discuss culture you observe
  • Include a ‘thick description’ of the location with clear detail of your observations
  • Analyze your observations, identifying four anthropological concepts that fit your observations. For example Subsistence strategy, Kinship, Gender roles, Marriage, Artifacts Subsistence strategy, Generalized reciprocity, Religion (mosque nearby with call to prayer), Kinship and extended family, ethnocentrism, ethnicity, reciprocity, kinship, language or communication-
  • Define the concept and analyze how it fits your observations.
  • Include your field notes at the end and detail and conclude with a discussion of and reflection on your experience of the situation. For example, you might write how you felt when you started to detect a pattern in characteristics and/or behavior.

(One common misstep is to apply the four subfields of anthropology or to apply the four parts of the definition of culture).

What is an anthropological concept? Anthropological concepts are anthropological terms and ideas. Examples of some that we’ve studied include: ethnocentrism, ethnicity, reciprocity, kinship, language and communication.

Assignment 2 (6 pages 3 references, APA formatted)


The primary goal of this exercise is for the student to further examine evolution from the perspective of two subfields in anthropology. The all-encompassing nature of evolution will be illustrated, and students will have the opportunity to explore the holistic nature of anthropology.


Anthropologists study many different aspects of humanity in order to fully understand the diversity of the human species. One of these aspects concerns our development as a species, both physically and culturally. For the assignment, the student will first discuss and investigate evolution as viewed by physical anthropology, and then the student will investigate and discuss evolution from one other subfield – cultural, linguistic, or archaeological.


1) Define evolution to include primate to human and why species have to evolve to live in changing environments.

2) Define physical anthropology. Discuss some of the general ways physical anthropologists investigate evolution.

3) Review the Quantifying Characters: Polygenist Anthropologists and the Hardening of Heredity (attached). Describe the research project and its significance in our understanding of evolution.

4) Review Dispatches from the AIA (attached). Discuss some of the general ways an anthropologist in this second subfield investigates evolution. Detail the evolution factors and significance.

*Remember, evolution can apply to both physical and societal changes, so things like language and customs can evolve just as much as bodies and brains can.

6) Review The evolution of lethal intergroup violence (attached). Describe the research project and its significance in our understanding of evolution. For example, an archaeologist may look at how tools have changed through time, and what has caused that change (conduct your own original research, do not use this example).

8) Discuss how the study of evolution between physical anthropology and your chosen subfield compares and contrasts.

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