Total word count: 450, need to use at least one citation from the one reading, and then make one comparison with another reading. All readings are list in attached file, please check. No outside resources needed.

This is intended to give you an opportunity to respond to information brought up in the readings for each unit privately. You must explore (cite specifical examples from) at least one reading in enough depth to show that you read and understand it. This is not simply a summary, you should include an analysis. State the author and name of article in your introduction. Cite the author’s last name with page numbers for quotes. If you use outside material include a footnote with a full citation in proper format (Chicago, MLA, APA).

It should be around 500 words. Double space. Upload a PDF or Word file. (You may only submit via the text entry format if you have an issue with the file submission).

*Questions to consider (do not have to answer all of them):

What is the main premise of the article? What evidence does the author use to support this premise? What is your opinion? Why?

Did the reading overturn any previously held assumptions you held? What were they and what do you think of them now?

How does this reading relate to other course material or other readings and films that you have explored?

Basic grade breakdown:

organization, grammar, style 20%

explored at least one reading 50%

connections to other source 30%

>The best responses connect the reading to one other course source (reading, lecture, film) and add in a personal experience or reaction.

  • Choose any article from Unit Two:
  • Sterling “The Five Sexes”
  • Reis “Divergence or Disorder”
  • Seidman “Revolting Against Sexual Identity”
  • Lang “Lesbians, Men-women, and Two-spirits”
  • Blackwood “Culture and Women’s Sexualities”
  • Murphy “Redirecting Sexual Orientation…”
  • Nanda “Hijra and Sadhin: Neither man nor woman in India”
  • Kulick “The gender of Brazilian transgendered (sic) prostitutes”
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