Part 1 (Weeks 1-4)

You will combine all the information from the previous 4 weeks that you completed with your team. Be sure to include any updates and/or changes suggested by your peers and instructor. Your Key Assignment project should now include:

  • Section 1 – Overview of Company and Client Business Case
  • Section 2 – Application Requirement Elicitation Strategy
  • Section 3 – System Components and Design Requirements
  • Section 4- Methodology for Application Development Process
  • Section 5 – Complete Features and Trade-off Analysis
  • Section 6 – Milestones and Deliverables based on Date and Dependencies
  • Section 7 – System Architecture Aligned with System Requirements
  • Section 8 – Technical Design Document

New Sections to be added to your project for this week:

  • Design Review Checklist
  • Testing and Deployment

Design Review Checklist

Based on your group discussion, you will develop a design review checklist to ensure that the design addressed all the requirements the customers requested. This would be done before actual development starts. The review checklist that will be developed should be aligned with the development methodology chosen. This could include but not limited to:

  • Task schedule
  • Peer review
  • Feature review
  • Meeting Schedule
  • Deployment and Testing schedule

Besides your checklist, you will include a summary of the discussion you held as a group.

Testing and Deployment

Now that you have completed the design review, and your system is built. It will be time to verify that all is functioning as expected.

Develop a checklist for testing the Application before it is deployed into Production.

The checklist should include but not be limited to the following:

  • Use a cross-section of users who can verify that the functionalities are available based on the system requirements
  • Verify that accessibility is available based on design requirements
  • Data migration process functionality if that is a part of the design process

Develop a plan and time frame for production deployment.

This must include the following:

  • System installation and configuration
  • Data migration schedule
  • Schedule of system downtime
  • Cross-section of users for testing immediately after the cut-over
  • Fallback plan if planned cutover does not succeed
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