book name Hornung, David. Color: A Workshop for Artists and Designers, 2nd ed. London: Laurence King, 2012.


I already did 4 Retinal Painting from a Photograph ,Repeating designs/images , I attached the original picture that i used for painting,you can use the original picture to answer the question

Verbally present your final project in the Final Critique (exam day), based on your Artist Statement and using correct color terminology.


Having written your project proposal and being far along now in your work, you’ll find that the Artist Statement is not a difficult piece of writing; but, like your visual work, it does require your thoughtful care. The basic guidelines are to write approximately 1 page (double-spaced), thoughtfully answering each of the questions from the project proposal, plus anything else that you think your viewer should know. The general purpose of an artist statement is to illuminate for your viewer where you are coming from in your visual work. To do so, discuss your subject matter and/or theme, your motivations, your influences, your media/materials, your process, the aspects of color theory that have enabled you to powerfully communicate in your project, and anything about your background and interests that is pertinent to the work. Start by completely answering as one or more paragraphs (not as a form like the proposal) the following:

  • What is your subject matter for the final project?
  • What excites you about applying your knowledge of color theory to this subject?
  • What is the form and how many pieces did you complete?
  • Which two specific aspects of color theory did particularly focus on to convey the subject and meaning of your artwork? Why?
  • How do the specific aspects of color theory, as well as the form of your project, support the overall meaning or message of the project?
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