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Readings: Floyd Hayes II – African American Studies (attached), Hand book of Black Studies p1-29 (Attached), Hand book of Black Studies 51-66

Attached is original paper which ended up in a Zero. I am given a second chance to fix it. Assignment 5 page essay: Referring exclusively to the essays by Floyd Hayes III, Ama Mazama, Norman Harris, and Delores Aldridge, state with textual evidence FOUR significant reasons for the study of Africana and African American Studies in the American Academy.

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These readings are a collection of articles put together by Floyd Hayes III, and readings from Handbook of Black Studies. In addition, there is a power point presentation / lecture on the genesis and orientation of Africana Studies you may consult in the writing of your essay. However, the main emphasis in the essay should reflect the listed readings in the assignment sheet.

Terminology: The term Africana needs clarification. It refers to the wide and encompassing range of population groups defining black Africans or Africans living in Africa, and their descendants in the Caribbean, North America, South America, and Europe. African American refers exclusively to descendants of Africa born and living in the United States. Therefore the term Africana is used to refer to not only African Americans in the United States, but the global habitation of all blacks and their descendants whether living in Africa, the U.S. Canada, Caribbean, South America, etc.

4) What is the objective of the UNIT 1 essay? State and argue four reasons for the study of Africana studies in the American Academy. Essay Structure: a) Introduction that gives a good overview of the nature of Africana Studies. Have a good thesis statement (underlined) that defines your stance on the the subject/topic. Restating the assignment is not a thesis statement. (See the Writing Resources Folder on Thesis statements)

b) Body/Organization: You are writing a very short five page essay with clear objectives. So begin with your first reason that justifies Africana studies in the academy. Define and explain this reason. Why did you decide on this reason? Then go on and support your reasoning with analysis of the textual evidence (direct quotes from the readings) to further emphasize the value and significance of your reason #1. Then build a transition to reason #2, then #3, and #4. Remember that in support of your reasons, you must use evidence to justify their value. That evidence must come from the specific readings set up for UNIT 1. Be sure to use MLA style of citation in setting up the quotes (evidence) from the readings.

c) Essay coherence: Clarity is an important part of essay. Avoid “bunching” the development of the four reasons in essay. It is key to set up essay so it is easy to follow the movement of your thinking. One simple way is to begin the development of your reasons with very clear phrasing that makes the reader see the distinct or different reasons in essay. For example, you may use phrasing such as “Firstly”, “Secondly”, Thirdly”, and “Lastly”, or “Finally”. These adverbs clearly give your reader a good sense of the different reasons in essay without having to guess where the first reason, or where the second reason is and so on.

d) Conclusion: Let your conclusion go beyond a mere and simple summary of the essay’s main points. Instead, argue the value and importance of the ideas you have engaged in reading about Africana Studies in the American academy recognizes that students often encounter challenging assignments that may be beyond their current skill level or require more time than they can spare due to their busy schedules. The platform steps in to provide valuable academic support by offering assistance with a wide range of assignments. Whether it’s a complex research paper, a challenging math problem set, or a literary analysis, ensures that students receive the guidance they need to excel. Every student is unique, and so are their academic needs. recognizes this and offers customized solutions. Students can communicate directly with their assigned writers, providing specific instructions and guidelines. This personal touch ensures that each assignment reflects the student’s individual style and preferences. Meeting deadlines is a critical aspect of academic success. understands this and prioritizes punctuality. The platform is known for its ability to deliver assignments promptly, even when facing tight schedules. This reliability allows students to submit their work on time, relieving them of the stress associated with late submissions.

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