Students will:
  • Evaluate progress on certification plans

Report your progress on the Certification Plan completed in Week 1 and submitted in Week 4.

  • What have you done to prepare for your certification?
  • Have you completed the scheduled tasks assigned on your timeline? If not, what are your plans to stay on schedule?
  • Practicum Experience and Journal Template


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    Checkpoint for Certification Plan

    Walden University


    Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Role II: Adults and Older Adults















    What have you done to prepare for your certification?

    Currently, I have finished my school work. In this case, I am submitting assignments, completing the clinical hours, and entering the hours in MediTrek. I have used the vital boards as a means to assist in reading. I am also working towards finishing all coursework at the moment and the clinical hours. I have, as well, applied for the graduation with the institution as I await the next step after the convocation ceremony at university.

    Have you completed the scheduled tasks assigned to your timeline? If not, what are your plans to stay on schedule?

    The following is a list of task that forms part of my timeline.

    A checklist helps in developing a plan to pass the certification exams by American Nurses Credentialing Center and obtain the DEA.

    Below is my checklist that will be expanded in the future.

     – Not completed task

     – Complete task

     – Partially completed

    ☒ Firstly, I will make an application for graduation in the first week.

    ☐ To finish all the school work and the clinical hours by week seven and submitting all the assignments due. Currently, I am in week seven and undertaking a midterm evaluation. Some of the hours haven’t been attained.

    ☐ – At week 10, I will request for the transcript to be sent to ANCC.

    ☐ – Upon completion, I will wait for Walden University to confer the degree and the official transcripts.

    ☐ As I wait for my ATT, I will read rationales, answer questions, and attend to reviews to sharpen my knowledge about nursing and the new developments.

    ☐ Wait for the authorizations test from ANCC.

    ☐ Upon receiving the ATT, I will pick a date for the test.

    ☐ I will take my test on the said date and notify the nursing board as I wait for licensing.

    I will remain focused on the school work and put in mind all the school calendars concerning the assignments that are due. I would like to get all the transcripts, submit them to ANCC as a way of notification before taking my exams.


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    12/29/2020 Rubric Detail – Blackboard Learn 1/2

    Rubric Detail Select Grid View or List View to change the rubric’s layout.

    Excellent Good Fair Poor

    Quality of Work Submitted: The extent of which work meets the assigned criteria and work re�ects graduate level critical and analytic thinking.

    27 (67.5%) – 30 (75%)

    Assignment exceeds expectations. All topics are addressed with a minimum of 75% containing exceptional breadth and depth about each of the assignment topics.

    24 (60%) – 26 (65%)

    Assignment meets expectations. All topics are addressed with a minimum of 50% containing good breadth and depth about each of the assignment topics.

    21 (52.5%) – 23 (57.5%)

    Assignment meets most of the expectations. One required topic is either not addressed or inadequately addressed.

    0 (0%) – 20 (50%)

    Assignment super�cially meets some of the expectations. Two or more required topics are either not addressed or inadequately addressed.

    Quality of Work Submitted: The purpose of the paper is clear.

    5 (12.5%) – 5 (12.5%)

    A clear and comprehensive purpose statement is provided which delineates all required criteria.

    4 (10%) – 4 (10%)

    Purpose of the assignment is stated, yet is brief and not descriptive.

    3.5 (8.75%) – 3.5 (8.75%) Purpose of the assignment is vague or o� topic.

    0 (0%) – 3 (7.5%)

    No purpose statement was provided.

    Name: PRAC_6670_Week7_Assignment1_Rubric EXIT

    Grid View List View



    12/29/2020 Rubric Detail – Blackboard Learn 2/2

    Excellent Good Fair Poor

    Written Expression and Formatting

    Paragraph and Sentence Structure: Paragraphs make clear points that support well developed ideas, �ow logically, and demonstrate continuity of ideas. Sentences are clearly structured and carefully focused– neither long and rambling nor short and lacking substance.

    5 (12.5%) – 5 (12.5%)

    Paragraphs and sentences follow writing standards for structure, �ow, continuity and clarity

    4 (10%) – 4 (10%)

    Paragraphs and sentences follow writing standards for structure, �ow, continuity and clarity 80% of the time.

    3.5 (8.75%) – 3.5 (8.75%) Paragraphs and sentences follow writing standards for structure, �ow, continuity and clarity 60%- 79% of the time.

    0 (0%) – 3 (7.5%)

    Paragraphs and sentences follow writing standards for structure, �ow, continuity and clarity < 60% of the time.

    Total Points: 40

    Name: PRAC_6670_Week7_Assignment1_Rubric









    PMHNP Practice in Maryland.

    Students Name:

    Professors Name:




    PMHNP practice in MARYLAND

    Maryland can be described as one of the exemplary states where nursing and nurse practitioners are at liberty to exercise their professional nursing practice independently after they have been licensed. Worth knowing is that PMHNP students undertake a larger percent of their course work based on online learning as permitted by MHEC education commission and upon successful completion of their course and perhaps registered as new graduates who must have 18 months’ collaborative agreement with an MD to facilitate easy monitoring of their nursing practice. (RUBENFIRE, 2015) As per the provisions of Maryland’s scope of practice policy, nurses are expected to work and practice within their specialization area.

    Maryland has guaranteed the nurse practitioners’ independence as they can prescribe certain drugs without necessarily having an attestation agreement with physicians. However, ere nurse practitioners are required to register with CRISP with mandatory possession of DEA number to facilitate easy tracking of drug prescriptions made by the nurses. (RUBENFIRE, 2015)

    Comparing PMHNP practice in MARYLAND and Pennsylvania state.

    When I compare Maryland PMHNP practice environment with that of Pennsylvania state as its neighbor, it is clear that PMHNPs pay tends to differ based on several factors such as the actual medial setting within which they operate, experience as well as the geographical location of the workplace place. Both Maryland and Pennsylvania ANCC is mandated to administer PMHNP examinations. Also, it should be known that unlike Pennsylvania, where nurse practitioners may not work independently, in Maryland, nurses are allowed to work independently without close supervision by medical doctors (RUBENFIRE, 2015). Both Maryland and Pennsylvania PMHNPs are allowed to work with patients who are mental without specifying their ages or working setting as it can be done within mental health centers, home medical sites correction facilities, or state psychiatric facilities.

    A professional and/or clinical practice issue a new PMHNP to consider.

    New PMHNP students will be expected to deeply understand several aspects of professional concerns within the limits of clinical practices. Some of the professional and clinical issues that need to be considered by a new PMHNP include mandatory laws provided for the credit transfer and their relocation. Since every state may have its own law, many of the new PHMNP students may perceive them either negatively or positively, and therefore this prompts that PMHNP students should choose wisely the kind of institutions they may wish to join (Monica, 2019).

    A checklist for passing the national certification exam.

    After one’s request to join the learning program, the application is usually made within 90 days’ time span. The application is approved by the exam license board using the committee website link provided. Upon approval of the application, the exam fee is paid depending on the association one joins with, but PMHNP fees amount to 350 dollars (Carthon, Wiltse Nicely, Altares Sarik, & Fairman, 2016). After examination fees are paid, the national board in charge of exams schedules timelines for exams on its website

    As for the preparation, adequate preparation will be the key requirement for successfully pursuing the said national certification examination. Adequate preparation will entail paying examination fees in advance to avoid inconveniences during the examination session., scheduling all time as per the course objectives to avoid missing some vital content, and finally reading comprehensively to grasp the enhanced mastery of the content within the course work.



    Carthon, J. M., Wiltse Nicely, K., Altares Sarik, D., & Fairman, J. (2016). Effective Strategies for Achieving Scope of Practice Reform in Pennsylvania. Policy, Politics, & Nursing Practice17(2), 99-109. doi:10.1177/1527154416660700

    Monica, K. (2019). How Maryland is Maximizing the Clinical Efficiency of PDMP Use. Retrieved from

    RUBENFIRE, A. (2015, May 14). Maryland allows nurse practitioners to practice independently of a physician. Retrieved from,-Adam%20Rubenfire&text=Maryland%20has%20become%20the%2021st,practice%20independently%20of%20a%20physician.&text=The%20measure%20allows%20nurse%20practitioners,an%20%22attestation%20agreement%22%20with%20physicians

    Wheeler, K., & Haber, J. (2018). (PDF) Development of Psychiatric–Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Competencies: Opportunities for the 21st Century. Retrieved from

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