This is my assignment 3.based on the discussion topic I send u with my pico question my assignment should be done. also, it must be related to my institution I work.its a gynecology surgical floor.

my discussion topic was – does chewing gum reduces postoperative ileus after abdominal surgery? based on this topic find out what are the barriers in doing this research and how would I overcome this barrier in my organization that is in gynecology surgical floor. your answers should be filled in the template which I send you.(ATTACHED) If any questions ask me.

Article used for discussion attached

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Rubric attached

  • Develop plan to overcome barriers. Your plan should be
  • clear and specific. Another person should be able to read your plan and replicate it.
  • Discuss with colleagues.
  • Describe the anticipated barriers to the change process in your institution (or wherever the change will be implemented). Include the organization’s culture, its’ reaction to change, and your leadership role for change.
  • Identify the stakeholders for the change in practice you have chosen for your EB project.
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