NUR350 Concepts of Nursing 3: Assessment Task 1Question 1. Your allocated standard is: Medication Safety Standard Question 2.A Senior RN on the ward instructs you to perform a procedure which does not follow the procedural guideline and policy. You are aware this may cause harm to the patient.In this situation could you please describe your actions, and in addition outline self-care strategies at a stressful time.need to be 10-11 min video but u need to write script for 1500 words.must follow rubric .bachelors of nursing standardmore information:Task DescriptionIn this assessment task, you will be participating in an interview for a graduate position. To undertake this task, you will need to draw on the content from module one and two.You will respond to two questions;Your first question will relate to an NSQHS (The National Safety and Quality Health Service)ÿ standard. The specific standard will be randomly allocated to you via MyLO email, for example:”Please explain to the panel members your understanding of this NSQHS standard and discuss with reference to your experiences in Professional Experience Placement, providing justification.”Your second question will pose a short clinical scenario based on a conflict situation (which will be randomly allocated to you via MyLO email) and ask:”In this situation could you please describe your actions, and in addition outline self-care strategies at a stressful time.”Using a multimedia platform (video), you will be required to respond to the above questions and upload your video to the MyLO submission folder (dropbox).Assessment criteria and marking rubricAssessment CriteriaMeasures IntendedLearning Outcome:Criterion 1Demonstrate the applicability of the NSQHS standards to practice.ILO3Criterion 2Incorporate unit concepts and further reading to support your response.ILO1, ILO2 and ILO3/Criterion 3Employ the principles of STAR (Situation, Task, Action/s and Result) interview technique.ILO1 and ILO4Criterion 4Communicate in a professional manner.ILO4Rubric / Additional InformationCarefully review the marking rubric forÿthis assessment task.Markers will be assessing your work against the assessment criteria in this rubric.Other important informationPlease read this information carefully in preparation for Assessment Task 1Specific guidanceDirectionsYou will produce a video of yourself responding to the two questions.When creating your video, you might like to refer to the Best Practice for Creating Videos for Assessment online guide.Once you have recorded your video, follow the step-by-step instructions listed in the Uploading Video Assignments online help guide to submit your recording for assessment.FAQ?sDo I need to also submit a written component (for example a script)?No, you only need to submit your video.Do I need to provide verbal references as Iÿrespondÿto the questions?No,ÿyou do not need to provide references for this assessment task.There are two questions, do you want twoÿseparate videos or one?One video please, not two.I haven’t made a video before, and I am a little worried.We are not expecting a feature film production of Academy Award standard, there is no criterion for video production. Having said that, we do need to be able to see you and hear you clearly please.Do I need to repeat the questionÿat the start of my video?No,ÿplease do not repeat the question, it will waste valuable time.Canÿmy video be longer than 10 minutes?Your video can beÿplus or minus 10% – thereforeÿweÿwill stopÿwatchingÿyour video at the 11 minute mark.ÿConsider your timing carefully in this task.I am an enrolled nurse and am yet to undertake a Professional Experience Placement in the BN, can I use my experiences as an EN for question 1?Yes, this is completelyÿacceptable.Do I need to use the STARÿprinciplesÿfor both questions?Yes,ÿin the first question you should provide an example related to theÿNSQHSÿstandard you have been allocated.ÿIn the second question you should frame your response to theÿconflict incident in the STAR format.What do you mean by personal presentationÿin the rubric?We expect you to present as you would for an interview.ÿWould you attend an interview in your gym gear or wearing a beanie?ÿNo, so we expect you to present yourself in a professionalÿmanner, as you would for an interview.Do I need to wear my PEP uniform?No. You should present yourself as you would for an interview.How do I receive my randomly allocated questions?You will receive them via emailÿ? please check your UTAS email, the headerÿwill be ?NUR350 Assessment Task 1 (Interview questions)?.ÿIf you have not received your email by the end of week 2, please contact Andrea and Jess atÿ[emailÿprotected]Task formatThe task length is 10 minutes.ReferencingPlease note: referencing is NOT required for this assessment task.Follow the guidelines for UTAS Harvard Referencingÿto attribute images and any other source material accurately and completely.Marking and feedbackThere is a marking rubric for this assessment task. You are strongly encouraged to review the rubric before completing your submission.You will receive your results and feedback via MyLO, in accordance with the timescales outlined in the School of Nursing assessment guidelines.

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