Assignment: Vulnerability Assessment ReportAssignment

Case study attached.

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Task: Submit to complete this assignment Assignment: Vulnerability Assessment Report

This assignment will assess the following competency: 2. Prepare for a security vulnerability assessment.

Directions: To complete this assignment, go to Course Resources, located under the Table of Contents. Open the “Case Studies” folder and choose a case study to use for this assignment.

Review the Appendix A case study rubric and write a vulnerability assessment in a formal deliverable paper format (i.e., introduction, body, conclusion, and a list of reference articles in APA format). This is a real-world case study and provides an opportunity to analyze the scenario and solve the real-world problems.

Refer to the Appendix A Rubric for grading criteria. Your instructor will provide feedback on the assignment.

Submit this assignment to your instructor via the dropbox LP2 Assignment: Vulnerability Assessment Report. This assignment is worth 100 points.

GRADING: The LP2 Assignment will be graded based on the Appendix A Rubric.

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