Module 4 – CaseFACILITATING PARTNERSHIPS IN HEALTH EDUCATIONAssignment OverviewHealth educators are often charged with forming partnerships between the organizations by which they are employed and the local community. Depending upon the health concern, partnerships may be sought with businesses, community-based organizations, schools, or other entities. The present case assignment focuses upon forging partnerships with the “broader community,” which may include any or all of the aforementioned groups. The aim here is to develop a coalition of partners committed to the successful planning, implementation, and evaluation of a community health project/program.Case AssignmentRead Section 5: Starting a Coalition, Section 6: Maintaining a Coalition, Making Personal Contact with Potential Participants and Involving People Most Affected by the Program to help you address the following questions in your essay:Section 5: 6: Contact: People: are co-leader of a coalition developed to address the increasing rate of adolescent homicide in the community surrounding your clinic (the other co-leader is a member of the target community). Two members of your coalition appear to have extremely divergent opinions about the approach that should be taken to address the problem, so different that the last couple of coalition meetings have been intensely “heated.” Other members of the coalition are becoming uncomfortable with the interaction between these two, but involvement of the latter individuals is seemingly critical to the success of your project, particularly given their long histories as community leaders and the fact that both lost their young sons to gang violence.Given what you have learned from reading the materials provide above,What steps could you, as the health educator, take to ensure that your coalition remains intact?How might you minimize and/or extinguish the conflict between the two members?What other suggestions do you have to work with the coalition members and community?Length: 4 pages typed, double-spaced.Assignment ExpectationsAssessment and Grading: Your paper will be assessed based on the performance assessment rubric that is linked within the course. Review it before you begin working on the assignment.Your submission should meet the guidelines on file format, in-text citations and references, scholarly sources, scholarly writing, and use of direct quotes noted under Module 1 Assignment Expectations.

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