You wrote, Community organizations include parent organizations, faith-based groups like churches, cultural groups, environmental groups, non-profit organizations, and the media.How would you go about getting support from these groups?—–Original Post Below———-IntroductionPartnerships play a significant role in improving public health. This is because effective alliances are essential for community-based solutions for advancing health equity. Community partnerships can work to ensure the health problems affecting the community are addressed. They are critical in effective broad behavioral change and improving population outcomes. The examples of potential community partners that can effectively manage health problems include; community health workers, educational institutions, community organizations like parent groups and peer-support services, health education centers, and medical and mental health providers (Rural Health Information, n.d.).Community PartnershipsPartnerships are important in improving public health as community partnerships are known to help in addressing health problems. Estacio et al. (2017) asserted that community partnerships are important for successfully implementing and maintaining community-based work. These partnerships are effective in effecting both behavioral and lifestyle changes in the community. The potential partners for a health education program can be divided into four groups. These include; community organizations, the government, health, and educational institutions (Rural Health Information, n.d.). Community organizations include parent organizations, faith-based groups like churches, cultural groups, environmental groups, non-profit organizations, and the media. The government consists of the local government, public health agencies, and recreation groups. These groups each play a different role for the education program, from funding and coming up with the strategies to address the health problem.ConclusionCommunity partnerships are essential in addressing health problems. These partnerships play different roles in the education program, from funding the program, providing the expertise required, and ensuring the health education program’s sustainability. Generally, potential partners may include government bodies like public health agencies, community-based organizations, health institutions, and professionals.ReferencesEstacio, Emee & Oliver, Mike & Downing, Beth & Kurth, Judy & Protheroe, Jo. (2017). Effective Partnership in Community-Based Health Promotion: Lessons from the Health Literacy Partnership. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 14. 1550. 10.3390/ijerph14121550.Rural Health Information Hub. (n.d.). Identify and Engage Possible Partners. Retrieved from,groups%2C%20libraries%2C%20schools%2C%20universities

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