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Task 1 Articles: The two articles (one quantitative and one qualitative) do not have to be on the same topic and should be published within the past ten years.


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Please upload the full text version of all articles used in these two tasks with your submission, not in your paper, but as separate attachments. You do not need to run the Turnitin report for the articles you selected since they will match 100% to the published article. Please do run the Turnitin on your own work in your paper and matrix.

How do I run the Turnitin report?

Using Taskstream for the first time

Please view the library video found in Module 3 along with the toolkits for selecting articles. The library video shows you step by step how to select articles for task 1 (first two examples). Do not choose an article that is a “review”, “protocol”, “pilot”, “mixed-method”, or “quality-improvement project”. These two articles should be single primary research studies.

We are happy to discuss article selection concepts for this course with you. Please schedule a call with your assigned CI if you have questions about your articles.

XAP1 Task 1 overview and suggestions for each section:

Use the task instructions found in Taskstream to set up your paper and then read below to get guidance on what to include in each section of the task. If you don’t want to use the A and B tables, be sure to include the headings for each prompt in the A1 and B1 tables.

For the A & B tables please include the content aspects listed in blue

ArticlePlace full APA citation here to document your competency to format a full APA citation. Make this a full reference in “hanging indent” style.
Background InformationWhat is the author’s purpose statement? Does it make sense to you? Did they situate/describe their problem enough for you to understand? (1 paragraph)
Review of LiteratureFirst find the literature review section of the article. If there is not a section called literature review then the author may have described the past research in the introduction/background section of the paper. Typically the authors present what they reviewed in past literature (research studies) within groups of topics. List what topics they presented, and how many research articles they cited from the past research using in text citations in that section only. Note: THIS IS NOT A REVIEW OF THE WHOLE ARTICLE- just a description of what the authors cited as evidence of the problem. (1 paragraph)
MethodologyState the type and the subtype and how the study was carried out. You will want to talk about the major type of research (qualitative or quantitative) and the subtype (such as descriptive). Also, give a brief description of how they carried out the study type/subtype; for example, “One hundred patients were randomly assigned to teach back discharge instructions or the usual discharge instructions, then given a call after discharge to determine their compliance and satisfaction with the method of teaching at discharge.”Quantitative (Chapter 6, p. 89 -100) — subtypes that are most commonly mentioned include cohort studies, descriptive, randomized controlled trials (experimental), and quasi-experimental subtypes. Do not use a retrospective or case control study because they are not primary research. Do not choose a review article.orQualitative (Chapter 6, p. 100 – 103)- and also subtypes- some are grounded theory, phenomenology, and also descriptive subtypes. Do not choose a review article. (3-5 sentences)
Data AnalysisHow did the researchers analyze the data collected? (Chapter 6, p. 103 – 107) What statistical testing was used? What analysis was discussed? For quantitative studies examples include T-Test, ANOVA, Logistic Regression, Linear Regression, Chi-Square or descriptive statistics like frequencies, prevalence, and rates or incidence. For qualitative studies the data is interviews or focus groups and these are recorded and transcribed then analyzed for content and themes. If it is qualitative descriptive the sample is small and the subjective responses of the participants are usually reported without coding or analyses. (3-5 sentences)
ConclusionWhat are the conclusions of the researchers; do they make sense to you as a clinician? (3-5 sentences)

A2. & B2. Researcher’s Conclusion

Begin by paraphrasing the author’s conclusion in a sentence; then, discuss how each of the first four sections of the research report described in the table (1 sentence each) supports the author’s conclusion (section 5). Approximately 5 – 7 sentences total should be enough.


Can these researchers make the conclusions that they made? Would anything else explain their results? Are there any other plausible explanations for their conclusions? Remember, you will want to justify your answer. Give a full paragraph on why or why not the evidence in the first four areas of the research paper supported the conclusion in section 5.

A3. & B3. Protection and Considerations

Read Module 4.4 articles on ethical considerations for research. Identify the ethical principles that the researcher should have addressed prior to the study. For example, what considerations should the researchers have addressed regarding informed consent, privacy, confidentiality, etc. for the specific subjects in the studies you chose to critique. (1 – 2 paragraphs)

A4. & B4. Strengths and Limitations

The strengths and limitations refer to the study design, not to the procedures or interventions being studied in the articles. Consider things like sample size, level of research, quality of research, sampling strategy, and study design. Also, consider what the author has stated in the last few sections of the research report regarding strengths and limitations of the research. (1 – 2 paragraphs)

A5. & B5. Evidence Application

Please discuss how the results of the study you selected impacts or informs nursing practice. (1 – 2 paragraphs)

Include a reference page and in-text citations where appropriate.

References Video for help with in text citations (2 minutes)

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