Paragraph #1 instructions: Briefly summarize the primary thesis of the prompt article (be sure to use your own words and avoid plagiarism). What was the author’s main point?

Paragraph #2 instructions: Summarize the arguments/information presented by the prompt article’s authors in their efforts to support their thesis (again: be sure to use your own words and avoid plagiarism). You do not need to give accounts of every argument the authors made; instead, summarize only the most important or compelling theory and evidence the authors used to support their main point.

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Paragraph #3 instructions: Describe an example (from your own life or the life of someone you know) of a specific instance that either supports or does not support the thesis of the prompt article.

Paragraph #4 instructions: Finally, describe whether or not the prompt article changed your thoughts about the topic. Be specific: be sure to describe what particular ways your thoughts have (or have not) been changed by the prompt article, and be sure to explain why the prompt article was (or was not) successful in changing your personal views.

The word count for the paper must fall between 750-900 words. Point deductions will occur if your paper’s word count falls outside of that range (i.e., if it is longer or shorter). The word count includes every word in the document submitted.

The main text of your paper is a four-paragraph essay. This essay should be written as a response to one of the prompt articles (you can access the prompt articles in the “Prompt” section of the WRC Blackboard site). After you have selected the one prompt article you will use for this assignment, you should read it very carefully. Then, you can begin composing your essay. Your essay should be written in four paragraphs. Each paragraph will be graded for itsclarity, appropriateness, and thoroughness, defined as follows:

Clarity can be understood by visiting this link:

Appropriateness refers to ensuring content is topical, accurate, and otherwise consistent with instructions.

Thoroughness refers to ensuring you give sufficient coverage of the assigned subject matter.

Link to the article.…

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