What your review needs to do:

1. Title your document “REVIEW OF [complete APA-style-reference for the book you are reviewing], e.g.

REVIEW OF Dauvergne, P., & Lister, J. (2013). Eco-business: A big-brand takeover of sustainability. MIT Press.

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2. Start your review with a paragraph that clearly states the focus, objectives, scope, and subject matter of the book (including key issues it aims to address, questions it aims to answer). In doing this, you will take your cue from the book’s authors – most books will start with a statement of objectives. Be careful to present the objectives using your own language and analytical take (i.e. be careful to avoid plagiarism by simply copying the objectives as stated by the author, and also use your own analytical take on the book to present the goals, objectives, scope, and coverage – i.e. state the book’s focus, scope, and coverage based on how you see it after reading the whole book (rather than taking the authors’ word for it; if you have detected discrepancies between the stated goals and what the book actually offers, the end of this introductory paragraph will be a good place to flag the discrepancy.

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