Write a professional business letter, addressed to me,with a personal reflection.

In the letter, please respond to the following prompts:

After reading through the selections in Chapter 9 of Business Writing in Action and reading and watching the videos in Business Writing, what information provided will be beneficial to you in this course and in future business communication? Please quote or cite at least four different sections from the texts and/or videos.

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How is your team collaborating thus far?

What are your thoughts about the course team project?

This letter should be professionally formatted, in multiple paragraphs, and should be 400-600 words long

Use the letter head file posted in the “Syllabus and Course Information” folder.Be sure to proofread and edit carefully.

1. Read sections 9. 1 – 9. 4 and 9 . 7 from Communication for Business Success.

2. Read and watch the videos in Chapter 3 from Business Writing, which discusses written and oral communication in the professional realm.

3. Read Chapter 4: Stage One:The Developing and Designing Process from Practice of Professional Consulting



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