• The Ferris wheel we created moves the wheel by applying pressure to bottom of the wheel and moving the wheel in a circular motion. We could have made more efficient use of the energy from the capacitor to make the run time of our Ferris wheel longer.
  • The next big limiter was the capacitor we were using. The first ones we were given were 1F capacitors only lasted about 3.43 seconds and instantly were drained of their energy. We even made a series of capacitors, but even with three on there it only lasted 4.05 seconds. Then we were given a 100F Capacitor and that lasted about 3.37 minutes, but was still inconsistent with the speed so it was hard to get an accurate measurement for the wheel. If we had gotten a bigger capacitor like a 500F capacitor we could get accurate measurement for the wheel rotational speed.
  • Overall I Think we all learned a lot from this project. I don’t think any of realize how fast capacitor’s charge speed is or how much energy was really meant by 5F. We learn capacitors charge pretty quickly seeing how it takes about a minute to charge the 100F capacitor. Also that a 100F cant even keep a small little Ferris wheel going for very long.
  • It put everyone in perspective of how little energy this is seeing the ferris wheel burn through the capacitors energy so quickly. It makes us wonder if capacitors could be used more often for tasks than battery with their fast charge speeds, but it makes us wonder how fast they use their energy.
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