Revisit your #globalworld asset and also explore the assets your classmates have added. Find 3 assets that your peers have posted that stand out to you to inform your understanding of globalization. You will add these assets along with your original asset to a new whiteboard to consider:

How do Steger’s ideas connect to your concept of globalization?

Apply 2-3 ideas from the chapters you read to explain how they converge or diverge from your understanding of what it means to live in a global world.

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1. View. Before you begin this assignment, search the Asset Library with “#tutorial.” Locate and view the “How to Create and Export a Whiteboard” video.

2. Search and Browse. Search the Asset Library using #globalworld to explore your classmates’ posts. You may search the Asset Library using #globalworld2 for an example. You may also search #tutorials in the Asset Library for short videos on how to use the course digital tools.

3. Create. Create a new Whiteboard and add your #globalworld asset to it, along with three peers’ assets. Use the text box tool in the Whiteboard to explain your answers to the question above.

4. Export. In order to get credit for your Whiteboard, you must “export” it (Whiteboard toolbar) to the Asset Library so it is viewable by your instructors — and the class. Tag your Whiteboard with #globalworld2 and #steger

-I uploaded an example of one of my classmates

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