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The purpose of this project is to help you with the final gathering of resources for the writing and documentation of your Capstone Project. You must have a minimum of at least 20 different resources for the Capstone Project. Resources may be gleaned from class notes, textbooks, trade books, magazine articles, and the Bible.

You will complete a formal writing project and a PowerPoint presentation entitled, “What is The Role of the Worship Leader?” This is a narrative articulating the “16 Roles of the Worship Leader” discussed during our time together in this course. Here is the setting for this assignment:

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Imagine you have been given the responsibility of chairing the search committee for a new worship leader at a very large church with a comprehensive worship ministry. The pastor has asked you to make a 30–35-minute PowerPoint presentation to the search committee during your first meeting together. For this presentation, you are to answer the question: What is the role of the worship leader? The pastor has asked you to include the following areas of responsibility for the worship leader: Worshiper, Disciple, Theologian, Evangelist, Professional, Artist, Musician, Servant Leader, Pastor, Staff, Administrator, Producer, Teacher, Mentor, Counselor, and Family Person.

You must prepare for the committee an 18–20-page paper articulating this responsibility. Make sure to elaborate on and explain each of the 16 areas and then make application to the local church ministry. In addition to these 16 areas of responsibility, the paper must have a 1–2 paragraph introduction of the church’s need for a worship pastor and a 1–2-page conclusion to help wrap up your rationale for the need of a worship pastor. (The title page, table of contents, bibliography, and appendix are in addition to the 18–20-page requirement).

To answer the question completely and thoroughly, you must use resources such as class notes, textbooks, trade books, and the Bible. You must not seek help from your classmates on any level. You will need to present this Capstone Project in current Turabian format; complete with footnotes and a bibliography. You may use quotes from your class notes, but you must demonstrate thoughtful presentation, thorough research, and personal application.

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