In this assignment, you will1. Find2ÿarticles on the use ofÿSMART goals/objectives:ÿwhat are they,ÿhow are they used, and why they can be a useful tool. ÿSummarize content of each article by writing aÿsummaryÿparagraph for each.2. Next,ÿselect3 peer reviewed articles that address your chosen area of focusfor you Capstone Project. You will use these to cite your Capstone Project goals/objectives. A table is provided in the assignment document for your use.3. Lastly, create aminimum of 3 and no more than 5 goals/objectivesfor your Capstone Project.Remember: ÿYou must use in-text citations and referencesÿusing correct APA format.Assignment is due by Saturday 2359 Central Time (CT)

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