For this assignment utilize the attached Case Study on the Denver International Airport. In examining the Case Study select 2 of the possible 10 knowledge areas of the PMI PMBOK to focus upon (i.e. scope, cost, schedule, quality, procurement, risk, etc.) PMI PMBOOK has been attached as well

Assignment Information:

Each student will provide an analysis for the application of project management principles toward a case provided by the instructor. For the case analysis, the student will address the case from a lessons learned perspective and focus on the project management issues of the case.

For this analysis, the student will address the case from a lessons learned perspective and focus on the project management issues of the case. The following case study format is required for this analysis.

Problem Statement: A brief statement indicating the root cause of problems or symptoms. The root cause is the issue/situation from which all problems result. All reports for this class should address the correct application of project management tools.

Justification of Problem Statement: This is a justification of the main issues at hand. Use facts from the case to substantiate the problem statement.

Possible Alternatives: The alternatives should address the problems identified. (Remember this must be related to project management principles.) This is a brief listing of alternative courses of action (or what should have been done in a lessons learned case)

Evaluation of alternatives: For each alternative selected, discuss the pros and cons as they relate to solving the problem you identified. Some people will do a SWOT analysis for each alternative and relate them to the problem statement.

Recommendation/Conclusion: From the alternatives identified and evaluated, there will be one or more alternatives that stand out as the best course of action to solve the problem identified above. This should be the conclusion. The conclusion should be justified by previous comments in the report (i.e. the logically supported conclusion).

Implementation and follow on steps:. A brief discussion on recommendations on how to implement the concluding statement if it were assigned a large project such as this.

A good question to ask as a student who evaluates this case is, “As a project manager, what can I learn from this case that will help me be more effective?”

Each paper submitted is expected to be 9 pages in length with a discussion of proper application of project management principles. Papers should be prepared in 10-12 point font, and double-spaced. A title page consisting of the project title, student name, date, and course is required for all assignments. Also a reference page cited in APA format.

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