Use APA format

Randy Data, Chief Information Officer (CIO), felt the pressure of having to do. He knew he was not giving a number of matters the attention they deserved, including a special electronic medication administration record (EMAR) project he hastily assigned to his project manager, Tonya. Tonya has already interrupted him with questions five times this week and today was again Tuesday. He surely expected another such interruption any time, and he decided that when it occurred he could react in one of three ways. He could:

A. Review what Tonya had accomplished so far, show her where she might be going wrong and help her plan out the rest of the task.

B. Assume active responsibility for the project and finish it himself

C. Thoroughly and patiently answer her current question and hope that this would be sufficient to keep her going without having to interrupt him again.


  1. To which of the three foregoing questions should Randy Data give the most serious consideration? Explain Why? Submit as a Microsoft Word document.
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