RubricDescription: Utilize Case Study found in the Description of this Assignment as a hyper link in Module 3 Assignments.Identifying Data and Rationale1 (6.66666%)Student identifies CLINICALLY SIGNIFICANT data from the chief complaint, vital signs, and nursing assessment AND explains WHY each piece of data identified is clinically significant. Faculty may assign partial points for missing parts.Lab/Diagnostic Identification1 (6.66666%)Student identifies lab/diagnostic results are RELEVANT that must be recognized as clinically significant to the nurse AND WHY. Faculty may assign partial points for missing parts.Primary concern and Pathophysiology/Cause2 (13.33333%)Student identifies the PRIMARY problem that the client is presenting with AND the underlying Pathophysiology/Cause of this concern. Faculty may assign partial points for missing parts.Nursing Priority1 (6.66666%)Student identifies what nursing priority will guide their care (example: Maslow’s).Nursing Interventions2 (13.33333%)Student lists FOUR interventions with Rationale and Expected Outcome based on the identified nursing priority. Faculty may assign partial points for missing parts.#7 Rational and Expected Outcome2 (13.33333%)Student lists the rationale AND expected outcome for EACH nursing intervention/order listed in #7. Faculty may assign partial points for missing parts.Body systems, Complications, and Assessments3 (20.00%)Student fully answers ALL of the following 1. What body system(s) will you most thoroughly assess based on the patient’s chief complaint and primary/priority concern? AND 2. What is the worst possible complication to anticipate? (start with A-B-C priorities) AND 3. What nursing assessment(s) will you need to initiate to identify and respond to quickly if this complication develops. Faculty may assign partial points for missing parts.Client Experience2 (13.33333%)Student answers ALL of the following: 1. What is the patient likely experiencing/feeling right now in this situation AND 2. What can you do to engage yourself with this patient’s experience, and show that they matter to you as a person? Faculty may assign partial points for missing parts.Grammar & Spelling1 (6.66666%)Few grammar and spelling errors that do not detract the reader from the message.

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