a nurse practicing within a family practice, you are interviewing a

55-year-old woman who is an executive assistant at a local law firm,

where she has worked for 9 years. She has a 7-year history of

respiratory illness, which occurs several times throughout the year, not

seemingly connected to the changes in season. She does not use tobacco

products in any form. During your questions regarding her home and work

environments, she reports that she enjoys working adjacent to the

courthouse in a building over 100 years old because it is such a

contrast to her brand-new home on a local golf course. When describing

the health of her coworkers, she indicates, “We all share illnesses,

which seem to affect everyone else during the year; we just seem to be

sicker more often!”

  • What information is pertinent to your client’s case?
  • How would you assess your client’s risk?
  • What would be an exposure pathway for your client?

Your document should be 2 pages ( NOT MORE THAN 2 PAGES)in length, in APA format, typed

in Times New Roman with 12-point font, double-spaced with 1” margins,

and include at least two citations using references less than five years


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