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As you work on this assignment, you will need to refer to the two articles and the presentation about Netflix in the Module One Readings and Resources folder.

For this assignment, your task is to incorporate the concepts in Watzlawick’s iceberg model of communication to analyze the organizational culture at Netflix.
As you work on this assignment, refer to the Module Two overview in regards to the four categories of an organization’s culture: observable artifacts, espoused values, enacted values, and basic assumptions. You will also provide two examples from the two articles and the presentation on Netflix for each category.

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  • Observable artifacts: Physical, tangible displays that are used to reinforce an organization’s espoused values. Examples of these are awards, value statements, acronyms, the dress code, myths and stories often repeated in the workplace.
  • Espoused values: The stated values and norms that the organization professes to follow and reinforce, usually created by the organization’s founder or top management team. The espoused values are designed to explicitly communicate and influence expected and desired behaviors that should be demonstrated by employees.
  • Enacted values: The actual norms and values that exist in the workplace, which may or may not be the same as the espoused values. A gap between espoused and enacted values results in dissonance in the workplace, when employees behave contrary to the stated values, especially when enacted values are recognized and rewarded.
  • Basic assumptions: Unseen, unstated norms and values that have developed over time and become assumptions that drive employee behavior. Such assumptions form the core of an organization’s culture and can be very difficult to change. For example, Johnson & Johnson places great value on being a caring organization, and employees would be shocked if management acted in ways that did not value its patients, customers, and employees.
  • Overview: For this assignment, you will apply what you know about Watzlawick’s iceberg model of communication to analyze the organizational culture at Netflix.To do this, you will write a one-page paper, in which you identify examples of each of the four variables of the organizational culture at Netflix, which are defined in the prompt below. You will find these examples in the following readings and slide deck about Netflix:

    Textbook:The Hidden Rules of Successful Negotiation and Communication: Getting to Yes!, Chapter 2 (pp. 13–32)

    Prompt: Your submission must include these critical elements:

    Examples from the readings and slide deck of the four variables of the organizational culture at Netflix.
    The four variables are: observable artifacts, espoused values, enacted values, and basic assumptions, as defined by Kreitner & Kinicki (2013) in their book, Organizational Behavior:

    *Observable Artifacts. These are observable components of a company’s organizational culture, i.e., acronyms, manner of dress, awards, myths,stories about the organization, published lists of values, values reinforced via observable rituals and ceremonies, decorations, company brand features, etc.
    *Espoused Values.These are the explicitly stated values and norms that are preferred by the organization.
    *Enacted Values. These are the values and norms that are exhibited by the employees, which may be the same or differ from the stated espoused values.
    *Basic Assumptions. These are the organizational values that have become so taken for granted over time that they have become assumptions that guide organizational behavior.
    2. Sources of the examples of each of the four variables from the readings and slide deck, including page/slide numbers. (For easy reference, download the PDFversion of the readings, which are paginated.)
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