Choose one element that you notice in three of these four major texts (Agamemnon, Hamlet, “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock,” and John F. Kennedy’s Secret Society Speech). For example, you could choose to explore how the three texts deal with an element of Tragedy, a common theme, the use of character, or language, etc. Explain the similarities and differences as you compare the development in each work of your chosen element.

The success criteria for this assignment are:

  • a clear thesis statement
  • at least three body paragraphs outlined
  • supporting points in body paragraphs that are specific to the texts and skills of Unit 1 (attached)
  • supporting points in body paragraphs that are detailed, accurate and connected to the thesis

Files for the readings are attached ( Hamlet, Love Song, Kennedy Speech and Agamemnon summary)
Texts and skills learned in Unit 1 ( Includes Greek tragedy elements and how topic is turned into a theme)

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